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While I may never wear this color combination I think that the idea is absolutely fabulous!! It definitely brings a new element to your outfit having the sole of your shoes being in entirely different, contrasting color than the rest of the shoe. It makes me think all of my favorite color combinations and how I would pair them together with this idea to make some very cool shoes. I only hope that these become more mainstream so that I will be able to find them easier and buy a pair. They are by Rachel Comey, a designer based out of New York, who initially started a menswear line in 2001 that was so liked by women that they started to purchase the clothes for themselves in smaller sizes. The menswear line apparently became less important as the creation of the women’s line grew but the shoe division for both sexes stayed strong and in-demand, creating shoes like these that seem to have a conservative look with a modern twist.

5 thoughts on “Shoe Of The Day”

  1. I believe asos stocks them in precious numbers, although they do go on sale once in a while.I was wondering, if it is feasible to perform some sort of D.I.Y procedure on shoes that I rarely wear in order to achieve the same effect?Perhaps a lick of burnt orange with my chestnut wingtips…

  2. Benjy,yes you can definitely find a DIY procedure but it won't be easy and you will want to be extremely careful or you might ruin your old shoes completely by staining the leather. What you will want to find is alcohol to strip the color and then a dye to re-color it, i would suggest going to a cobble or shoe repair to get the proper products. But to answer your question, yes it can be done, but just be careful, but that would be a nice combo for your wingtips!

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