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Why is it that so many men around the world love such vulgar shoes with toe shapes that look like they could kill a cockroach hiding in the corner or others that look like they just received ‘the chop’ from the guillotine? This is one thing that just boggles my mind. Do these men think that they are ‘cool’ and pushing the envelope with these distasteful styles? I just can’t quite comprehend it!! For example take a look at the shoes below

I mean, come on guys!! There are much more elegant options!!! These shoes are not ‘cool’ and they were never ‘in style.’ Unfortunately they had their shelf life during a sad trend but to be honest with all of you that still wear these styles, their trendiness ended about 6 years ago. Give it up already and move on to what is next, at least!

Shoes that have curvature (round toes) are a much more practical and sophisticated option. Let me give you a quick example of the difference between something that is boxy and another that has curvature. What’s nicer: that boxy-looking car by Scion that looks like a lego or a car with curves like a Porsche or even just an Audi? You tell me!

So if you don’t like the elongated types that are the latest trend and that you find on most Italian branded shoes then go for the more classic toe that you will see on the average Allen Edmonds or English styled shoe. And next time you are out shopping for shoes, try on a pair that look more like the following options and see how you feel when you wear them. Go ask a random women customer what she thinks if you don’t believe me. She will give you a straight answer on what looks better. So here are three options that would serve a much more intelligent look: one by Allen Edmonds (Black shoe – American), one by Gaziano & Girling (Brown Wing Tip – English) and the other by Stefano Bemer (Burgundy Cap Toe – Italian).

5 thoughts on “Our Toe Choices – What A Shame!”

  1. Not that Im disagreeing with you, cause every time I see someone wearing a shoe like the first pic above, I think to myself, ‘what a nut!’. However, it is a bit refreshing to see something other than the same old classic rounded toe.

    I do however, prefer the rounded toe myself and I think it looks much more elegant than other types.

    Is it much more difficult to make a rounded toe or other types?

  2. I totally agree justin, on men too pointed is ridiculous, i laugh at people with pointy shoes and I imagine others do as well.. I think mens shoes are versatile enough to play with but come on ..vampire feet?

  3. yes a round toe is harder to make. things without definite ends are harder to pull the leather over and make sure that there are no spaces left between the last(wooden mold) and the leather. But maybe even more so is a pointy toe, it is very easy to break the leather or the lining if you are not careful and their becomes a lot of excess leather after you pull it over the toe and makes it harder to manage.

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