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Next Level Butterfly Loafers by Caio Torres

There are a lot of Butterfly shoes coming out these days. As a huge lover of this design, I find most of them appealing. Some even more so than others. This one, by Brazilian maker Caio Torres, for many reasons. First and foremost for the reverse brogueing on the vamp. Traditionally, that brogued line lays on the top piece of the vamp and not on the side panels. He switched it up here and I think that it works well as he put it on a sharp chisel last. I am not sure that would be as appealing as if this design lay on a rounded last.  There are not a lot of ways to make a butterfly loafer and this being quite a simple change, made a nice impact on differentiating it.

Second, I really liked the coloring of them. Truth be told, I love the idea of tan shoes but almost never wear them. I just feel that they always scream out ‘look at me,’ but not in a good way. So, I love when one is more toned down with subtle burnishing and/or patina on it, as Caio did with these. Imagine these without the burnishing. They would be so loud that the guy bumping is jumbo JBL speaker would be telling you to turn it down. Jokes aside, it is a beautiful pair and, for me, the burnishing work helped to make that little pop!

Lastly, they remind me of Bestetti which of course brings fond memories. Glad that someone has brought that edge back and it seems like Caio is carrying that torch!

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Next Level Butterfly Loafers by Caio Torres

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