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A very prestigious Atelier has started selling some of their odd’s and end’s stock on The Marketplace. They have decided to keep their true identity anonymous but have started by listing some of their Corthay models at quite a steep discount to what you find most Corthay shoes retailing for. And they are all brand new!

The prices for the Corthay’s start at around $900 and offer Free Worldwide Shipping. For those of you in the market, don’t miss this deal!

There is a pretty cool Carlos Santos boot also up for grabs in 4 sizes. These are priced at $300.

And lastly, some interesting sample sizes boots by Project TWLV in a UK9/US10 going for $370.

Do check out what there is on offer, as there are a lot of good deals to be had!



Carlos Santos

Project TWLV

2 thoughts on “New Shoes on The Marketplace – Corthay’s at 40% off Retail”

  1. Project TWLV was on clearance at Barneys for $125. What seems like a deal, actually isn’t. This is why buyers and sellers don’t seem to meet at a consensus, unless there are fees/penalties for reposting items (as with eBay)

    1. Justin FitzPatrick

      There are plenty of shoes that are a good deal. Not all of them of course as some people are listing for expensive amounts. But plenty of good deals to be had

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