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Well, for some of you lucky enough to be around UK6 (US7) to UK7 (US8) you will be pleased to know that some of the best deals have recently been posted on The Marketplace due to one French gentleman who seems be really be clearing out his closet.

There are some great models to be had and some even better prices!

And for those of you not around those sizes, well there are more out there for you too, if you are willing to look around. I am still super suprised some shoes have made it this long, particularly the brand new Carmina green shell cordovan brogues at half their value!

Remember that bargaining can be had for thoe shoes in your size but not at the best price. But that doesn’t mean you shpuld try to bargain a price already good enough becaue while doing so, someone else can be buying it out from under you. Bear that in mind.

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