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The Marketplace has just been replenished with a ton of new models on offer from Edward Green, Corthay and John Lobb.

The shoes are all sold by a very famous shop out of Belgium by the name of Degand. You can find them here:

And they are all between 30%-50% off, which is an incredible deal for these brands and nearly impossible to find elsewhere.

Sorry that the photos are not so clear, but this is what I am working with.


On top of these are a ton of other great offerings all over The Marketplace, from new shoes at discounted prices to slightly used shoes are bottom-barrel prices. And if you have some shoes you have that you want to get rid of, feel free to post them on up and hopefully clear them out!

Utilizing the search functions will be the best way to find exactly what you want. There are tons of hidden diamonds in the rough. Find here:

And lastly, for those of you around UK6.5/UK7 (US7.5/US8), make sure to check out what I am offering from my own personal collection:

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