There has been a lot of new shoes listed on The Marketplace. Some very cool ones as well, such as these Enzo Bonafe’s in blue bison/calf.

I know that purchasing is at an all-time low in these times of certainty, but sharing is at an all-time high, so thought I would at least let all of you know what’s been updated in the recent weeks at The Shoe Snob Marketplace

All of the shoes shown here are listed as ‘New’ and they are sold by actual commercial vendors, one in Vancouver B.C. and the other in Sweden. Therefore, even if most of us are in some sort of lockdown, they can be purchased and held until everything passes. A lot of shoes shown on The Marketplace are unique (i.e. only a couple of sizes in each model), so grabbing them before they go is always advisable.

I hope that you enjoy these as much as I do. The blue ones highlighted, as well as the tan adelaides below, are my favorites. But not far behind are those lovely burgundy swan neck wingtip oxfords!


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