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Back when I worked on Savile Row, I used to wear a tie every day. In the last 5 years, I think that I can count on my two hands the amount of times I have worn a tie. I put one on the other day and it felt good to do so, even though I was quite warm that day! It’s funny, how I have included myself in this new ‘casual wave’ of dress attire. I always think that I want to dress up and then the morning comes and I think about the fact that I have to shine shoes, move boxes, pack up shipments etc and I think, ‘man I don’t want to dirty my nice stuff!’ So, I just throw on some jeans, a casual oxford shirt, maybe a jacket and a pair of loafers or chelsea boots and that is my typical standard look. I look forward to the day that I actually step away from the day to day of my business and then can wear my suits again, the ones that sit untouched in my closet that are so beautiful and wastefully unworn!!

So here are a couple of looks that I actually took the time to get ‘dressed up.’ I am a Blue type of guy. If I am not wearing blue, I am most likely wearing black. But for the warmer months, I tend to wear brown shoes (often suede) and so I don’t put black on with the brown shoes, but instead my various shades of blue trousers, suits, jackets, shirts and ties.

Looking at these photos, one look is quite ‘Italian’ while the other is more ‘British’ (although to be a true British look, the shoes should have been black!)

The Italian Look:

The British Look:

Part of the reason I started The Shoe Snob was to give guys inspiration on how to wear their dress shoes, but I never really got around to showing this as I was always too busy writing about shoes that I did not actually own. So here is a small start to showing you how a shoe snob wears his shoes. And if you don’t own brown shoes, go and get some! You will thank me later!

A great weekend to all!

– Justin FitzPatrick

9 thoughts on “My Style – Brown Shoes and Blue Suits”

  1. About 20 years ago, early in my career as a stockbroker, I learned that one of my colleagues in the office used to own a men’s clothing store, and that store included a shoe department. Alden was his featured line (and that’s when I first learned about that brand). One day when we were chatting on a break (about shoes), he made what seemed like a bold statement to me at the time: brown is the best choice of color for a man’s dress shoes. I disagreed with him then, and will admit that most of my dress shoes are black, but I have come to appreciate that brown shoes can look good with more suit (and dress slack) colors than I used to think.

    1. Justin FitzPatrick

      Thanks for sharing Steve. Black is of course a staple choice for suit wear but brown allows for more versatility in the long run with a mix of dress casual wear

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