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Mario Bemer Firenze (not the actual Mario Bemer whose now set up Mario Bemer USA) has listed some shoes on The Marketplace.

I have always loved the featured model and one lucky chap shall grab these! Can’t wait to see someone rocking that in an outfit.

The shoes range from UK8 – UK11 and are priced at $600

Some good finds for those interested in the Bemer brand!

6 thoughts on “Mario Bemer Firenze on The Shoe Snob Marketplace”

  1. I purchased a $1300.00 pair of shoes from Mario Bemer while on a trip to Florence. They are gorgeous but unfortunately they are the most uncomfortable shoes I have ever worn. They were custom made so I expected them to be more comfortable than the average shoe but instead they are so tight fitting that I have literal pain that is unbearable after wearing them for an hour. I have spent over a month trying to stretch them out using different techniques to no avail. Oddly, I have very normal size and shaped feet. I have never had to order wide shoes, and I never have a problem finding shoes to fit me. I reported the issue to Mario Bemer and they just told me to find a local shoemaker and see if they can somehow fix them. I was in their store. Their manager measured my foot. I paid them a huge amount of money for shoes. And now I have a pair I can’t wear and they won’t fix. Do not buy a pair of Mario Bemer shoes unless you only want them for display and don’t plan on actually wearing them. Please do not recommend this shoemaker.

    1. Justin FitzPatrick

      Hey Jeff, thanks for sharing. Can I ask when you bought these shoes? Mario Bemer (the man, who I support) left his company awhile back. So if this is the new “Bemer” I would appreciate knowing.

      1. Dear Justin,
        Thank you so much for responding and asking for a clarification. I am very upset that Mr. Honer is mentioning me by name and have sent messages advising him that since May 2018, I in no way have been involved in the “Mario Bemer Firenze” production of shoes.
        My reputation is very important to me and I appreciate your comment.
        Best Regards,

        1. Good afternoon Mario, all,

          I’m so glad I found this thread.
          I have been interested in purchasing a bag and a pair of sneakers.
          I’m sad/happy to learn you are no longer there and after reading Justin’s comments I will not.
          My question is – are you producing anything and what site could I see them.
          Thank you I’m advance.


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