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Link Flip Shoes – Next Generation Laziness

More towards my recent blog post about Athleisure and how it is destroying a ‘sense of dress’ across the world, we enter a new realm of craziness with the latest invention of the ‘Flip Shoe.’ Designed to be a cross breed between a shoe and a flip flop, the world of comfort takes it one step further with what I feel is the ultimate abomination on the idea of what footwear should be and/or is.

Again, society is simply going overkill with this idea of comfort and needing to take it to a constant ‘next level.’ But this is most prominent in the USA. Europeans still wear dress shoes on a daily basis. Not all of them, of course, but a good majority at least when it comes to workwear, and even so, for their days off. The strict codes of dress are still prominent in their society and thankfully put in place. But here in the States, all hell has broken loose with the idea of what can and should be worn to work or for your daily use.

Again, I get wanting to be comfortable. In my apartment, I wear Crocs, shorts (in Summer), sweat pants (in winter) and a t-shirt. But I don’t leave the house like that. And it is not because I care about what others think. Because I don’t. And I won’t lie if I have to pop to the corner store 20 steps from my apartment I will throw on my tracksuit purchased at Uniqlo with a pair of sneakers. But the Crocs don’t and won’t ever leave the apartment. Comfort in the home is one thing. Comfort on the streets is another. I feel comfortable in public in a very different standard of dress, as stated below:

Summer: 1. Dress Loafers, 2. Polo Shirt or Button up either with short sleeves or sleeves rolled up on long one and 3. Jeans/Chinos

Winter: 1. Leather/Rubber soled boots (chelseas, chukkas, oxford boots etc), 2. Button up oxford shirt and/or roll neck sweater and 3. Jeans/Flannel trousers

And that is my casual comfort wear. For dress up, of course, one goes for a suit.

So I ask myself, what purpose do these shoes really serve? Why do they exist? Do we really need a flip flop that gives the support of a shoe? No, we really don’t. Because I have and will always hate the idea of men showing off their feet in public. Wearing flip flops should be reserved for the beach and maybe, just maybe if you live on an island where the weather is tropical and the idea of wearing proper attire only equates to tons of bodily sweat. Other than that, your feet should not be displayed in the city as there is no real good reason for that (mainly for men).

So here is the new Link Shoe. I will be curious to see how well it sells and just how much further the USA culture kills smart dressing with the idea of comfort living every second of your life.

4 thoughts on “Link Flip Shoes – Next Generation Laziness”

  1. Hey Justin, been reading for a while, but first time posting here.

    I may be more than a little guilty of wearing sandals and shorts out in casual settings such as going to the game store, shopping, or just getting lunch with my wife.

    I’m just starting to get into nicer shoes, and am waiting for my second pair to come in, but that might be a while since they’re an MTO and a patina.

    Still though, those….things….are an abomination.


    I must be grandpa like but…this world us REALLY going to the dogs…
    Thank goodness there’s a little bunch of shoe lovers in here…!

  3. Steve WIERHAKE

    Years ago, the first time I saw somebody wearing Crocs, I thought those “shoes” looked goofy. Then I tried some on and have had several pairs since – but use them mostly around the house. The “Link Flip” shoes look very strange – even stranger than Crocs. I’d try them on, but can’t see wearing them in public, except perhaps to the beach or lake.

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