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J.FitzPatrick Shoe Range

JFitzpatrick_AW1314_257 copy update

Dear Readers,

Here you can see the footwear line that I worked on for many years to realize.

For those of you interested in seeing (and/or purchasing from) the collection, you can currently view it in person at Timothy Everest, 32 Elder St., London E1.If you happen to not live in or around London and wish to acquire a pair, you can order a pair directly through my company via direct invoicing should you wish. If this is the case, please email me atjustin@jfitzpatrickfootwear.comto enquire further.

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I hope that you all enjoy the J.FitzPatrick shoe range and should you have any questions, please feel free to email me anytime.

-Justin, “The Shoe Snob”


– Shoes are all goodyear welted, semi-hand lasted at the waist
– Shoes are made in Spain
– Shoes are benchgrade quality with some handgrade attritbutes
– All leather soles have closed channels, rubber soles have open channel
– All fit fairly standard e.g. if you usually take a UK10, then you should also take a UK10 in mine
– Last TMG fits similarly to C&J 341 (but not exactly)
– Last JKF/LPB/MGF fit closely to the C&J 358 last, subsequently C&J’s 348 fits similarly too
– Lasts TMG (more rounded) & JKF (more pointed) are made from my personal bespoke lasts (but obviously adjusted to fit the average foot and then tried and tested by industry experts). Last TMG was made by Tony Gaziano, Last JKF was made by me whilst at Stefano Bemer’s, under his guidance. Last MCF is an existing last with a proven fit. Last MGF is my chisel toe and LPB is my soft chisel. All lasts (with exception of MCF) are based off of the fit of the TMG, taking the body of the TMG and simply adding new toe shapes to ensure a consistent fit. There is no reason to be one size in one of my lasts and another size in another last.
– Fully leather lined
– Uppers are French Calfskin, suede is from England. Tanneries Annonay and Du Puy for calfskin/crust, Suede from Chalres F. Stead
– Soles are chestnut tanned, supplied from Italy. Their flexibility are a mix between the feel of a goodyear welted and a blake stitched sole. That being, break in periods are far shorter than your average goodyear welted shoe.
– Slight bevelled waists (not like a G&G however)


Greenwood: 310 (ex VAT = 258.33)

Last TMG, plain-toe suede semi-brogue with medallion, leather sole

Dark Brown Suede:


310 (ex VAT = 258.33)
Last TMG, plain-toe suede semi-brogue with medallion, leather

Navy Suede (310 –ex VAT = 258.33)

JFitzpatrick Greenwood Navy Suede semi brogueJFitzpatrick Greenwood Navy Suede semi brogueJFitzpatrick Greenwood Navy Suede semi brogue


Wallingford:315 (ex VAT = 262.50)

Last JKF, Plain toe semi-brogue with medallion, leather sole

Antique Brown Calf, Snuff suede:


Forest Green Calf (crust)/Black Suede:315 (ex VAT = 262.50)

J.FitzPatrick Wallingford Forest Green calf semi brogueJ.FitzPatrick Wallingford Forest Green calf semi brogueJ.FitzPatrick Wallingford Forest Green calf semi brogue

Tony:320 (ex VAT = 266.67)

Last JKF, Wholecut with wingtip brogueing, leather soles

Black Box Calf:


Deep Merlot Calf:


Tony II:320 (ex VAT = 266.67)

Last LPB (soft Chisel), Wholecut with wingtip brogueing, leather soles

Antiqued Brown Calf:

J.FitzPatrick wholecut oxford antique brownJ.FitzPatrick wholecut oxford antique brownJ.FitzPatrick wholecut oxford antique brown

Windermere:315 (ex VAT = 262.50)

Last MGF (Chisel toe), Semi brogue cap-toe with medallion, Leather soles

Black Box Calf:

J.FitzPatrick Windermere semi brogue cap toe blackJ.FitzPatrick Windermere semi brogue cap toe blackJ.FitzPatrick Windermere semi brogue cap toe black

Mocha Calf:

J.FitzPatrick Windermere semi brogue cap toe mocha brownJ.FitzPatrick Windermere semi brogue cap toe mocha brownJ.FitzPatrick Windermere semi brogue cap toe mocha brown

Magnolia:315 (ex VAT = 262.50)

Last TMG, Triple stitch cap toe oxford, leather soles

Black Box Calf:


Antiqued Brown Calf (vocalou):



Stefano:315 (ex VAT = 262.50)

Last JKF, two toned plain toe saddle, triple stitching, leather soles….my signature shoe!

Black Box Calf, Red Calf (crust)



Northgate: 310 (ex VAT = 258.33)

Last TMG, Semi-Brogue Derby with medallion, City rubber soles

Dark brown scotch grain

JFitzpatrick_AW1314_448 copyJFitzpatrick_AW1314_461 copyJFitzpatrick_AW1314_464 copy


Wedgwood:350 (ex VAT = 291.67)

Last TMG, Plain-ToeBalmoral oxford boot, leather soles

Antiqued Brown Calf, Denim (metal eyelets):


Wedgwood with City Rubber Soles:340 (ex VAT = 283.33)

Last TMG

Black calf/Black Scotch Grain:

J.FitzPatrick Wedgwood Balmoral boot black calfJ.FitzPatrick Wedgwood Balmoral boot black calfJ.FitzPatrick Wedgwood Balmoral boot black calf

Snuff Suede (Top & Bottom), black stitching:

J.FitzPatrick Wedgwood Balmoral boot snuff suedeJ.FitzPatrick Wedgwood Balmoral boot black calfJ.FitzPatrick Wedgwood Balmoral boot black calf


Laurelhurst:305 (ex VAT = 254.16)

Last TMG, wholecut loafer with medallion, leather soles:

Black Box Calf:


Burgundy Calf (crust):


Chocolate Box Calf:


Laurelhurst II:285 (ex VAT = 237.50)

Last TMG, Wholecut loafer sans medallion, leather sole

Laurelhurst II for blogLaurelhurst II for blog1Laurelhurst II for blog2

Ravenna:295 (ex VAT = 245.83)

Last TMG, Suede Tassel Loafer with thin rubber sole fits identical to the Laurelhurst

Navy Suede, Black calf tassel & top line piping, black city rubber sole:

Ravenna Navy Suede tasselRavenna Navy SuedeRavenna navy suede loafer

Snuff Suede, chocolate calf tassel & top line piping, brown city rubber sole:

Ravenna_SuedeTassel_005Ravenna_SuedeTassel_016 better oneRavenna_SuedeTassel_034

Marcos:305 (ex VAT = 254.16)

Last MCF, Penny loafer with long strap, leather soles

Dark brown suede, dark brown scotch grain:


Black suede with black scotch grain strap:

J.FitzPatrick Marcos penny loafer black suedeJ.FitzPatrick Marcos penny loafer black suedeJ.FitzPatrick Marcos penny loafer black suede




Rubber (heavy and thin):

Brown Country Rubber Sole /Black Country Rubber Sole


Black City Rubber Sole /Brown City Rubber Sole

black thin rubber soleBrown thin rubber sole


Shoes prices range from 285-350 and are currently be available exclusively from Timothy Everest,32 Elder St., London E1.or by email inquiry through me

Photography by Mr. Harry Watts and Mr. Khalil Musa

57 thoughts on “J.FitzPatrick Shoe Range”

  1. Great shoes. But the fringes? Other Americans call them “kiltie” and that seems suitably naff … Superfluous if the last shapes are as nice as they are

    1. to each his own my friend…some people like the added benefit some people find the boot lovely just the way they are…the best of both worlds all in one

  2. I was just reminded that you have your own line of shoes and am interested in the 2 models that have the red accents… did you have a write up some where about them, where are they made, how they fit size wise etc… AND more importantly when are going to be available on the gieves website?

    THANKS !!


  3. Justin FitzPatrick

    Pliny – Thanks my friend…they are all goodyear welted with closed channeled soles….made in Spain, with French Calfskins and English suedes…..

    Jay – I did have a pre-order write up but I took it down….I am trying to work out logistics with putting them on the G&H website, having a bit of difficulty…if you want you can email me at to get more details… thanks


  4. justin. looking the party and the people there probably wouldnt felt comfortable but the shoes would have made all the difference they look great

  5. Woah! Love the Seattle Neighborhoods. Funny that I like the Wallingford and that’s where I grew up. Good looking shoes. It’s great that your dream is finally here.

  6. Great blog and an inspiring story, Justin! One that I have cited as an example to my 15 year old son on how if one has passion for something, ability to work to a plan and of course throw in hard work, then you can make anything you want come about. And make money off what you like doing most.
    Great showing and all the best on your journey ahead!

  7. Justin FitzPatrick

    I appreciate all of the kind words my friend and for your support in my blog and dreams. Thanks for sharing and more importantly thanks for reading.

  8. Justin

    I will be visiting London in May and plan on dropping in to your stand. Do you have most sizes available? I’m an 11EE in John Lobb. I’m particularly interested in the Tony, Broadway, Fremont and Laurelhurst.

    John Baxter

  9. Justin FitzPatrick

    John, I do my friend, especially in those sizes. I don’t have widths though, but I think that Lobb runs quite narrow so you just might fit my standard….will look forward to meeting you. Best to email in advance just to make sure that I will be in…

  10. Hi Justin

    I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say how happy I am with my Broadways. They’ve already been given a thorough workout in both the office and at the races, and have been the subject of considerable favourable comment. You don’t see too many shoes similar in style in conservative ol’ Sydney.

    G&G were very helpful and I ended up ordering a pair of their monks. I am very much looking forward to their arrival here in about September.

    I’ll be back up your way next year and will be sure to visit you again.

    John Baxter

  11. Justin FitzPatrick

    Really happy to hear that John!! Thank you for all your support and I hope that you continue to wear them in good health! I am also glad that you were sorted out properly by G&G…they are good guys! Will look forward to seeing you the next time around!


  12. hi – been an admirer for a while now. will be coming down to london this weekend – where can I pop in to try on sizes – get the overall look and feel – photos are great, but you can’t beat the whole tactile experience of the shoes in your hand and more importantly – on your feet.

    Bought 2pairs from Carmina on your review/recommendation and love them!! so I have high hopes 🙂


  13. Justin FitzPatrick

    You can come to Gieves & Hawkes on Savile Row. Unfortunately I will not be there but you can still come in and try/buy should you wish. Any of the sales assistants will be able to help out. Thanks for all of the kind words and do let me know how it all turns out.



  14. Excellent collection. Congratulations Justin, they all look amazing.

    I am sorry I don’t have budget for these excelent shoes. May be in the future

    Is it possible to know where are manufactured in Spain? Thanks!

  15. hi justin, i wear a shoe that’s 31cm long and 11 cm at its widest. what is your closest shoe model and dimensions?

  16. Justin FitzPatrick

    sorry for the late reply, but measuring a sole is going to be a great inaccuracy of what you would actually take as it does not take into account, width and depth of upper which is where your foot goes….plus some shoes are elongated in the shoe which gives them a measure that does not correlate with your foot etc…. best to understand your size by comparing it to other makes that you have and their sizes…

  17. it’s a `loake` `gladstone` size 8.5F – 11.4 cm wide and 31.8 cm long. width perfect but looks a bit too long.

  18. dear joseph, glad that you like them..unfortunately I do not currently offer an MTO service which means they cannot be switched up unfortunately….I am working on it though….hopefully in the future I can start doing it…

  19. Hello. I absolutely love your shoe inventory. I stumbled on your website accidentally . For US size 7.5 is that size available in all of the inventory? And for size 7.5, do they run true to size?

    1. unfortunately my friend, for the current moment, my smallest size is a UK7 (US8). Hopefully soon, as I grow a bit I can start justifying making smaller sizes…thanks for all of your kind words and support though, I do appreciate it!

    1. funny enough, that prop just happens to be one of the more popular ones….not everyone is looking for plain black or brown….

    1. don’t like too much toe spring…use my bespoke lasts which have less toe spring than your average RTW shoes which for me looks off balanced.

  20. Dimitri from Seattle

    Justin, at one time you posted a list of your different lasts with their individual measurements. I cannot find it, would you be able to re-post it? I am very much interested in your shoes!

    1. Dear Dimitri, sorry for the late response. I took that down as I felt that it was an inaccurate tool for deciding one’s size…best to just email me and we can discuss the possibilities of the correct size.

    1. because the shoe trees hold the shape of the shoe…but you are right, I should have taken on without…will remember to do that on my next new model

    1. yea, I would do it as an MTO, but probably not something quite yet as a RTW….might try it as a sample and see though what I think of it as you have given me the idea…

  21. Hello Justin,
    I’d like to buy a pair of shoes from you and wonder if the heel caps of your shoes is made of leather or of plastic. I am aware of the fact that plastic heel caps is the most common within this pricerange but I ask anyway. I suffer from a light version of Haglunds heel so my shoes must have a heel cap that is to some extent formable.
    Keep up the good work!

    1. Dear Jonas, I appreciate you wanting to support. I am sorry that I missed you when you came to the shop. Believe it or not, I was just downstairs, but apparently the salesman could not find me. The heel stiffeners are not made of plastic. They, like most brands of this pricepoint, are made of some sort of cloth-like composite that hardens with the glue but then forms to the heel after wear. But they are certainly not plastic. I hope that this helps. -Justin

      1. Thank you for the answer.
        It’s a pity she couldn’t find you the second time I visited the store. Sounds promising that the heel stiffener will be able to break in a bit, that is just what I need. I hope that the you will be able to set up a trunkshow in Stockholm.

  22. Justin,
    I am keen on a pair of boots of yours, I take a 12 UK, do you make them that large? And is there an extra cost for that size? Your shoe line is brilliant, I am currently in the states, and am not able to find the classic construction and quality materials as easily. Thanks mate!

    1. Sorry for that first reply…i have to respond “Approve” to get the comment showing and I accidentally misspelled it….I only currently have UK12 in my Wedgwood model in the Antique Brown calf with Denim version. The rest I will have in stock as soon as my e-commerce site goes live in March. There will be no extra charge for that size. Thanks for your interest and if you would like me to add you to our mailing list so that you know when the site goes live, please email me at Best -Justin

      1. I would like to be added to the mailing list. I will be a frequent member of your e-commerce site. Thank you for getting back to me.
        Cheers, Curtis

  23. Hello, I just happened to see your shoes on pinterest. I live in California, is there a store that sells out here? If not, I an interested in the black/white houndstooth boots.

    1. dear Alfie, thanks for your interest but I think that you are slightly confused on what are my shoes and what are other people’s. Everything on this page that you commented on, are my shoes. Those houndstooth boots that you saw on Pinterest are by a Japanese shoemaker called Kanpekina so unfortunately I cannot help you there. My shoes do not yet have an outlet in CA, but can be ordered via email now or one can wait until the ecommerce site launches in March.

  24. I bought a pair of windermere shoes today in brown calf ,presently getting toe caps fitted by 5th Avenue shoe repairs in Goodge Street London, also have a pair of Church Grafton in there just now that are very worn down at the toe tips getting toe tips fitted cost £40.00,I will try to post or send images if i manage to figure out how to the results,While Jason advised me to go to Tony for the toe tips I was on my way honest i thought no as i hit it of with the owner in the 5th avenue repair shop and instinct tells me to make relationships with people,I do not know his name yet but i reckon he is a great tradesman,Instinct i guess and time will tell if i am right,ps cost of toe tips for windermere’s £25.00

    1. Dear Allan, it was a pleasure to see you again and I truly thank you for your support. I hope that you enjoy the shoes for many years to come!! See you the next time that you come to London. -Justin

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