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In the world of rising smart technology, AI, and the like, the shoe world in fact is going the opposite direction with the rise or re-introduction of hand techniques. Thus enters the Handwelted construction and the number of brands going back to that or rather introducing it into their existing collection. And more often than not, this technique is being perfected in Asia of all places. I say that as China/Asia more often than not, has those rising technologies while Europe is the one that is usually still living in the ‘old world’ in terms of creating things. But when it comes to the age-old profession of shoemaking, the European makers are all set up with their Goodyear welted machines, and the SE Asian brands coming out of China, Vietnam and India are going back to being craftsmen or rather, for the first time in welted shoe history, becoming craftsman.

And so CNES is the latest to get on board and with a lovely collection at that. I will say, and I have told them this, that their photography does not do the shoes any justice at all. Just ask anyone who came to the London Super Trunk Show and saw these first hand. They are exquisite, especially for the price, which starts at the low price of $545. Even more incredible is the price of the crocodile offerings with Norwegian welt construction for only $2100. That is unheard of. I can imagine that this will become their dominant collection even though they have welted shoes as low as $200, the value on these handwelts is pretty darn good for the shoe you are getting in return.

On their handwelted range, you can also see this new sole design, which to me looks like a 6-inch stiletto heel, but ultimately is a play on the fiddleback waist design. Unique to say the least. Good to see that they were thinking of ways to differentiate from all of the other fiddleback waists out that that often look the same. I can appreciate that even if it is not my favorite. Overall I am excited to see this collection and will look forward to seeing it expand as time passes on. And I can only imagine that it will be quick after the world gets wind of this collection and CNES starts to appear on more and more radars, which will be only inevitable.

Stay tuned for my unboxing video on this collection. I have two pairs that you won’t want to miss!

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