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They do not advertise this collection a great deal but CNES Shoemaker has a Handwelted Line that is pretty impressively priced and looks quite good too. Currently, there are only two models available in their RTW offering. This is leftover from a previous GMTO line but I am quite sure that you can select this construction via their MTO offering. The handwelted line via RTW starts at $311, which is among the lowest in the industry. I have yet to see them in person but will work on getting a pair for an unboxing video. But from the photos, they look real nice.

The balmoral oxford that is on offer is probably my favorite model of theirs. It is such a great pattern. Simple and elegant. I also like the last shape on this model and the rich, burgundy color is simply sublime. An easy addition to anyone’s wardrobe. The other model is a bit more unique being a wholecut oxford with a reverse skin stitch apron, leading up to the facing. They offer this model in black and while they show pictures of it in dark brown, it is apparently sold out (but again, available via MTO). The last on this one looks slightly more chiseled, for those that like it more sharp.

I am unsure of their plans for this line as it would appear that these are only here as leftovers from a GMTO run, but I think that they have a real winner on their hands if they pushed for a complete Handwelted collection that starts at $300 USD. That is impressive, to say the least. They do not have MTO prices on the site but would be curious to know what an MTO handwelted model goes for. Have any of you enquired?

What I like about CNES, but find confusing, is that they have four main IG accounts from their various companies, but all act as one. So if you really look carefully you can find unique models on one of their IG accounts and then order it from this main site. It is confusing but once you grasp it, can see how much they actually have available. You can see a taste of that below which can all be ordered via MTO.

So next time you are in the market for Handwelted and interested in getting the best bang for your buck, check out CNES across all of their channels to see what you can grab!


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