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We have made some changes based on some of your feedback and wanted to show you what we did.

1. One of the most important things changed was making it easily recognizable between shoes that are sold as ‘used’ and shoes that are sold as ‘new’.

Apparently there was a misconception that The Shoe Snob Marketplace is about selling used shoes but in fact, it is not. It’s purpose was creating a place where you can go and find, all shoes, new, used, unique, samples, incorrect MTO’s or Bespoke shoes etc.

We want a place where brands are selling there too, their odd’s and end’s or even their normal shoes if they so wished. But also a place where someone who bought a pair of shoes, wore it once and 5 years later realize they want to get rid of it, can easily do so providing something that might be unique and nearly brand new.

You can now easily see this with the blue and red banners at the top right of each picture. This feature is only seen on the homepage and once clicked onto the product page, then disappears.

Read more changes below…

2. We changed all of the filters to be on the left side of the screen as is traditional in your online selling venues. There are many filters there that can help you easily find the right pair of shoes for you, so don’t forget to give them a try as sometimes the constant scrolling downwards can grow tiresome.

3. The thing about allowing people to set their own prices is sometimes people overvalue their own things so we have added a button called ‘make offer’ (as shown in the screenshot). This way if you like what you see in terms of the product but maybe think that the price is not justifiable then at least you can try your best at bargaining which just might end up in a win-win for all.

A 2nd part of this was the ‘ask a question’ part and your question showing up in the product page. But the thing is that only you see this. So not to worry, when you ask a question, it is private between you and the person that you are messaging.

There are some great deals to be hard at The Marketplace so go ahead and give it a browse. You just might find a gem!

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