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Carreducker shoes


Carreducker, the bespoke duo that have been home to Gieves & Hawkes for the last 5 years have gone out and created something a bit different to their norm: an updated Winkers Resort Shoe. This is not the first time that they have had fun with RTW shoes though. The first Winkers collection (from about 3 years ago) was their first stab at it and from that they learned a lot about RTW including the do’s and don’t coupled with a lot of feedback from clients on how to improve. So they phased that out and have gone at it again, taking from what they have learned changing everything about them, from the maker, to the pattern, the last, the materials, and pretty much everything except the name.

carreducker shoes carreducker shoes carreducker shoes

I saw the shoes last week and I have to say that they are an improvement from the last ones. And not only that, but they are 76 cheaper too, but felt twice as well made. Although it is a cemented construction, it felt durable like a welted shoe. And the lining seemed top notch and very comfy looking. While not all of the new fabrics are to my liking I particularly like the ones in the top line of the main image (the tweed-like ones). And the espadrille like vamp line is an interesting twist to it, as it is not your standard loafer tongue like vamp. Overall, they are very interesting and unique. Great for those that like the casual loafer look.

carreducker shoes carreducker shoes carreducker shoes

It is not easy to just up and invest in a RTW line these days though so they have gone to Kickstarter to see if the good people of the world can help fund them to realize their new collection. And I believe that the good people can. So if you like Carreducker, their shoes or enjoy paying it forward, don’t hesitate to make your pledge at the link below:


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