Our ‘Buy & Sell’ Forum, the Marketplace, has a lot of great shoes at a lot of great prices.

And the famous Spanish shoemaker, Carmina, has a lot of solid pairs on offer. Some at great prices for great pieces, others are a bit inflated in their pricing. But the beauty of The Marketplace is that you can make ‘offers’ to the sellers in case they are inflating the asking price. But at the same time, if you want to get a positive response, don’t try to low ball them too much either.

And for those with high asking prices, allow me to shed some light. If the shoe is calfskin and/or suede and is ‘used,’ it probably should not sell for more than $200-$250 maximum. If it is Cordovan and ‘used,’ maybe $350-$400. Above these prices and the plain fact is that you are simply asking too much. If you want to really get rid of your shoes and make money, lower your prices. Ego of value wont sell your shoes. Just saying. Lets make everyone happy here!


Happy Shopping!

P.S. if you dont see these shoes it is because th seller doesn’t ship to your location. If you hve a friend in a location they ship to, ask a favor!

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