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Blogroll Addition

Blogroll Addition

Here are two pictures courtesy of the newest addition to my blogroll, Parisian Gentleman. I show these so you can get a feel of the amazing content that Hugo, the editor, provides. And while the site is in French, the pictures provided are more than enough for any sartorial enthusiast to be absolutely satisfied and more than likely, thirsty for more. I think that these two jackets, pictured above, might be the coolest jackets I have ever seen! Enjoy!!

4 thoughts on “Blogroll Addition”

  1. First overcoat is from Smalto’s “heritage” collection. Second one is 100% cashmere coat from Kiton Napoli.
    To your readers : we are about to launch an english version of parisian gentleman as well as a japaneese one (in a few weeks). We’ll keep you informed of course.
    Thanks for you note Justin and keep up the good job !!
    By the way we also ahev a FB fan page called : “parisian gentlemen : the french voice of sartorial excellence”. I will advise my readers to visit your FB page also.
    Best regards from rainy Paris,

  2. Thanks Hugo, I already checked out and “liked” your FB page. I will look forward to the English Version of Parisian Gentleman and keep me informed for when it goes live so that I can inform my readers. Those coats are to die for, I just wished that I could afford only one of them!

    -Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

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