A good rant is always good for everyone. Sometimes there are things that just bother you and you have to get them out. Ideally, it knocks out two birds with one stone by allowing me to get rid of my thoughts and for you to be entertained by them!

My rants in the long run are here to help you. But sometimes when you say things nicely, they simply don’t get through. So I mix a bit of joke and jabs into a post that will hopefully make it all a lot more clear. But in the end, I rant to try and help the industry as ultimately that is what I care about most.

Not only do I care about the brands and their well-being but also to educate the consumers so that they can make informed decisions on their purchases.

Here is a collection of my rants over the years, mostly on educational ideas that people just seem can’t get right.

I hope that you enjoy the rant posts!