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There has been a long time push for the idea of wearing more shoes outside the monotonous shade of black, a push that was most definitely supported by myself. But this push had not so much to do with boycotting the color itself but rather to get people to realize that formality’s sake, one could venture out and wear brown, blue or various shades of burgundy when it came to their footwear.

With that push, the color brown exploded off of the map and shoe companies were making shoes in every color of brown possible from tan, to mid brown, to dark brown, to reddish brown and every now and then to even poop brown. But slowly this fad is changing and going back to classic. And I am not talking about classic in the sense that you have to wear black shoes with suits but rather that you can wear them with anything from jeans to cords to khaki’s and even with your suit if you want!

Barbanera shoes Barbanera shoes Barbanera shoes Barbanera shoes Barbanera shoes 20160113_173250

And with that idea, Barbanera took it upon themselves to make a campaign out of it for their latest collection, titled “Nero is the new Black.” And for those that don’t know, Nero in Italian, means ‘black.’ So, they created a collection from existing models as well as a few new ones all in either black calf or black suede. And what I love about Barbanera is that you really see their personalities through their shoes and if you know anything about them you would understand. Some of the pieces are not quite me but some of them are great, like the black suede loafers, the criss-cross monks and the brogues.

The new collection makes me feel like I need to add a few more black pairs to my collection (personal one), particularly a black suede tassel loafer. That one is a must!!

Barbanera shoes Barbanera shoes Barbanera shoes Barbanera shoes Barbanera shoes Barbanera shoes


2 thoughts on “Barbanera – Nero is the New Black”

  1. somethingnottaken

    I like the black on black (suede + calf) brogues.

    I mostly wear brown and burgundy shoes; however, I’ve found blue jeans or olive green moleskins or chinos, combined with a dark casual shirt, are a good match for black shoes or boots.

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