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For those that may not be aware, The Armoury, is a clothier in Hong Kong that specializes in artisanal offerings for men. One of these brands is Carmina, a recognized Spanish shoemaker, of whom I have just recently become very fond of. Now I had always know about them (Carmina), as well as heard good things, but it wasn’t until the owner of The Armoury (Mr. Mark Cho) asked me to shine the samples for this upcoming event, that I truly became aware of just how amazing Carmina’s shoes actually are. After I picked them up and took each one out of its box, my mouth kept dropping one notch further and further for how simply amazing they were. Not only for the array of models, but for how incredibly well constructed they were. Everything about them was spot on, and I was ashamed to know that I had not been privy to this knowledge prior to this point. Nevertheless, I now know and will definitely be recommending them more on this blog. That being, here is my first recommendation. On April 20th-21st (Fri.-Sat.), The Armoury is holding a trunk show (of which I will be attending as well as offering my services – on the Sat.), showcasing their Carmina models. If you are in London at this time and looking for some new shoes, then I highly recommend coming to at least have a look. I promise that you won’t be disappointed.

For more info on the trunk show, READ HERE

Pictures Courtesy Of: The Armoury & Photographer Harry Watts

7 thoughts on “The Armoury, Carmina, The Shoe Snob, London Trunk Show”

  1. I am really great fan of Carmina. I think they do make very well-made and goodlooking shoes. And for an affordable price (taking into account the quality, of course).

    I am the owner of several of Carminas, being my last acquisition a pair of shoes like the one of the first picture, but in shell cordovan (for the picture, I belive those are not cordovan, but I might be wrong). I leave a link to a web page we you can see the actual pair of shoes I own (if there is a problem with inserting links, please let me know and I will remouve it):

  2. Justin,they’re certainly very versatile,the patinas are truly unique…….my favorites are the 3rd pair & the one at the top…

  3. A bit off topic here, but only a bit. I wanted to echo support for The Armoury.

    On a business trip to HK in late 2010 I wandered into thier shop and was impressed with everything I saw as well as the service I recieved from the guys there.

    If I was in London, I would for sure swing by this weekend.

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